Sheshequin Township Planning Commission
03/03/04 DRAFT Meeting Minutes

Members present: Greg Grenier, Eric Matthews, Ty Reynard, Bryce Sheffler, Laura Blain, Eugene Weisbrod; absent: Skip Smith, Rob Sweppenheiser, Karen Graber-Wright

Visitors: Dave Young

President Eric Matthews called the meeting to order at 7:08.

The next meeting will be April 7, 2004 at 7:00 at the township building.

Approval of minutes: An accepted copy of the corrected minutes for the December meeting, plus a copy of the minutes for the November meeting, were put into Janet's box. A Grenier/Reynard motion was passed to accept the February minutes as written.

Public comment and questions: Dave Young was present for two issues.
1. Charlie Miller property. An outhouse is currently on the property, with a tank. To be installed after the tank is an effluent filter, a lined sand filter, and a chlorination system. Discharge is to a flowing stream per regulations. Annual inspection is required - to be done on this property by Dave Young at the present time. Form 4A was filled out and put into Janet's box. A motion was made by Laura Blain to recommend to the Township Supervisors to approve this system. Seconded by Ty Reynard. Motion passed unanimously.
2. Lowell Patton has been waiting for a year for an easement to be granted by the adjoining property owner to install his chlorination system. A motion was made by Laura Blain to amend the previously passed requirement (January 2003) for monthly reporting to annual reporting for the township and planning commission. Monthly reports to the DEP are still required. Seconded by Ty Reynard. Motion passed unanimously.

Communications:: None

Old Business:
· We are still looking for the advertisement of the stone and logging ordinances.
· Comprehensive plan: Steve Pazella sent us a copy of a completed plan for a township, which we will work in future meetings to upgrade. We have some questions about the limits of our resources and what they purchase from Steve. A contract exists but Steve says he still doesn't have it. We recommend that this be clarified. All survey data was passed to Karen Graber-Wright tonight.
· Bryce Sheffler passed the draft of the county comprehensive plan to Greg Grenier.
· To help the planning commission find a faster way to complete ordinance review, we request the Township Supervisors fund a full $100 membership to the Township Planning Association for President Eric Matthews and a partial membership for another member. This requires further discussion to generate a firm action plan to bring to the township supervisors.
· Annual report - need to follow up with Janet.

New Business:
Recommendation to township supervisors is to develop a tracking system for annual reports for chlorination septic systems.

Karen Graber-Wright was appointed by the Township supervisors to be a member of the Planning Commission.

Township Planning commission requests a copy of the current Building Permit Ordinance.

Laura Blain is willing to post our minutes on a web site for the $15 web page hosting fee. We recommend that the Township Supervisors approve this request.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 8:51.