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  • Recycling
    Saturdays, 7am - 4pm, Bridge St, Ulster
  • Electronics Recycling at NTSWA
    click here for more information
  • Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
  • Pennsylvania Code
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  • need to put a floating 'top of page' arrow on all pages
  • what's going on with the overshadow at top of pages? images appear darker than actual file selected(tested w/this page before I switched to weather, - same image was used, on this page was light, can't find code difference)
  • HOW do I get the weather link in the nav header image above to jump to the correct location lower on the page? (temporarily, I've put a link in the first column (which seems to work) but I'd rather have the nav image link work. why doesn't it?)
  • I like the gallery of photos (bottom of who's who (aka "about") and bottom of this page), but pics are too small on small devices. is it possible to retain a good image size even when a smaller device is used?
  • is there a way to shorten the slider images, so part of the intro text appears on the page before figuring out you need to scroll? (and any way to shorten the load time? are 4 pics too many, does that slow down the site loading?)
  • i'll list more here as i run into challenges

maybe put this on the who's who page and include brief bios?
or highlight residents in the news, or 'thank this volunteer' or some other interactive idea to get folks to participate?
TO WORK ON: time delay between each is inconsistant. (and faster when the view screen is smaller?)

Name Someone (1 of 3, for now)

and their title or something

NOT a priority, but I DO want to play with this more...

Second Name

CEO , Company Name

trying a para under "company name" just to see how it looks...

Third Name

CEO , Company Name

swapping pieces around - name 1st, then photo, then more details.

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historical map

maybe schools?

The heading above is H3, this is a paragraph (just to show font size...)

MAYbe Churches?

above is H4, which remains in whatever type was printed (vs h3, which creates all caps.)

maybe Community services?

ie: hospitals, food banks, child care? with links to their websites, but keeping current could be time intensive

maybe Sheshequin farms WITH farmstands?

(since we have resounding responses to support our 'rural' character, can we favor the farmer over other businesses? and/or another section for a BUSINESS DIRECTORY of any businesses located IN our township? (maybe a fee to be included, since updating and keeping current should NOT be a taxpayer expense?)

Tri-Counties Genealogy & History

by Joyce M. Tice
(maybe here instead of in a link listing above?)

space holder

until we decide whether and/or how to use this section

class is coded as 'call-to-action-2 section, but image file is just call-to-action-bg.jpg. the placement (or not) of the "2" is probably just a typo, but I don't want to change it yet.

The NEXT 'call-to-action' section uses the 'call-to-action-bg-2.jpg' file.